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Many businesses today, especially the small scale ones find it very difficult to compete with the bigger ones because their brands’ contents are not discoverable by the target audience through search engines. A website that is not properly designed and fully optimized will not rank highly in search engine results, and customers looking for your brand on the web will find it very difficult to locate you.
While optimizing a website, factors like design, the structure of the site, site coding, naming conventions and navigations must be put into consideration. If two companies are selling similar products or offering same services at similar prices, the company with an optimized website will definitely become more successful, grow at a faster rate and gain more profits. In case your competitors are involved in web design and marketing, then you have to do it as well. In the same fashion, if your competitors are not into it, then you must take this chance and move ahead of them.
Cuckhoo is a Local Web Design Marketing Company that aims to help all local businesses throughout United States of America to succeed and perform extremely well in their industry, no matter how competitive it might appear to be. The sole goal of our company is to provide the needed boost and web services that will boost the popularity of your business by making it easier for customers to locate you and thereby enhancing profitability. A lot of times, the only thing most businesses need is the application of creativity and innovation, this will make them stand out and give them an edge over their competitors.
We will like to tell you a little bit about how our company started off. Jeff Tucker founded Cuckhoo in 2011 after leaving his previous job as a Landscape contractor because he was tired of other marketing personnel and firms taking advantage of him. When he started his business initially in 2004, Jeff had no idea of what he was going into, but he learnt along the line. Although he was working with a very little budget with no room for error, but his determination and creative ideas kept him going. Jeff was interested in creating small business entity, soon he divulged into branding and also marketing.
There was a time he thought he needed the expertise of an expert, so he hired an Indian developer who promised him immediate success on his project, but that was not the case. Jeff was down but never out, he started thinking like a small business owner determined to be successful at all cost, he decided to do it himself like a true entrepreneur. This prompted him to intensify on helpful research works necessary to create a quality Digital Marketing presentation. First he kicked of the research process with learning what CMS (Content Management System) actually means, and equally important, everything about the brand names Joomla and Wordpress. Jeff tested both systems equally and they produced different results organically in Google Rankings. Joomla performed uniquely better and it was clearly preferred as his CMS of choice. This process and many subsequent ones made Jeff an expert in Web Design Marketing.
If you own a small business in the United States and you are planning to grow bigger and faster, Cuckhoo Web Design is here to help you achieve that, We are ready to take every step with you throughout this journey of success. Our goal at Cuckhoo is to develop a mutually beneficial , reciprocal and long-term relationship with you. Over the years, our customers only have good things to say about us, we have impacted several businesses positively and they have been able to make profits far greater than their expectations. Are you equally ready to create your own success story, then let us help you plan it out.
We offer various web design services to local businesses, these services are guaranteed to give your business wide publicity and exposure. Some of our services include: web design, branding, web hosting, web development, internet marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, Google SEO, Google Adwords, joomla and other online maintenance and security services. You can only get the best quality of service from us, as our numerous customers had gladly found out.
With our digitalization services, your company will be found via the Web every time.  This means that you will enjoy online exposure 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days every year. In like manner, another advantage of doing business with Cuckhoo is that once your website is listed at the top, you will have no need to allocate budget for advertising. Thousands of visitors from everywhere around the world will be brought to your website in a day, and this will put your firm in a situation where there is need for expansion to a larger web server in order to accommodate the teeming traffic. This kind of situation will only take your business to the next level, and Cuckhoo is your vehicle to the top.

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Here at Cuckhoo, we are A Little Different! In fact, we’ll go so far as to say we’re A Little Cuckhoo. We created a Web Design Company to help other small businesses grow, succeed and exceed your current expectations. We WANT you to expand and improve your quality of life by becoming a profitable business. Our goal is to develop a mutually beneficial, reciprocal long-term relationship. But why are we different?

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