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The key term in the definition of platform is 'programmed'. If it can be programmed, then it's a platform. If it can't, then it's not."  An online definition of an online platform is simply given as marketplace that places one party in touch with one another, such as buyers and sellers. Examples are eBay, Uber, Craigslist, Amazon, Airbnb. It is possible for the online system to be totally self-contained, and it might allow third-party applications to connect through the platform's programming interface (API).
There are various platforms with specific activities which includes also a list of their services, clients and target audience, thus this literally determines the extent to which they go to execute a given task by a client and this is mainly driven by the set goals of the platform, its vision and mission, its achievements and testimonies of already serviced clients. In searching for platforms you can trust your organization with, you must first put into considerations certain specifications on such platforms and know if they meet your specific requirements or already set standard and built foundation for your organization.
There are various questions you must ask yourself with regards to your organization and see if the platform has answers to it and to efficacy do they perform or carryout those promises that answer your questions. For example, looking towards building an online platform for small and medium scale enterprise (SME) and a platform promises to help small and medium scale enterprise have an online presence yet the price of their services are extremely high, that obviously means the financial implications of such platform does not meet your requirements.
A major detail to look out for on platform before you can trust them with your online presence is the need for good customer relation skills, hence they must have;
Strong customer service skills: first of all, it is vital to make sure that the customer service team has the right skills for managing customer’s needs. But what skills should you be looking for in a customer service? They include: Empathy, Patience and Consistency, Adaptability, Clear Communications, Work Ethics, knowledgeable and a thick skin.
Nowadays, online safety feels like an overwhelming and difficult obligation. Whether you’re replying emails, browsing the Internet, downloading movies or doing online shopping, it seems like there are dangers everywhere you turn.
You’ve got hackers trying to install key loggers on your computer, questionable characters attempting to interrupt your Internet traffic to get your credit card information, and criminals attempting to hack into your bank account. With all of these threats, what is a regular user supposed to do?  Sometimes, it feels like the threat is so great that the Internet has become useless.
We have posts that focus on individual areas where tightening up security is a much focused activity. You’re locking up the gate on Facebook, or you’re locking the back door to your private emails. But in general, what can you do right now to try and build a virtual wall of security on all fronts? How can you be sure that your Internet browsing, email exchanges and your personal files are all secure and private behind double-locked gate of security?
It is important to know that building an online presence from the scratch entails and requires a whole lot of meticulous and elaborate details. One of the best ways if not the best way in going about building an online presence is by simply starting plaining fresh and having a clean sheet, this will help the business have possible total control over everything involved in their promotional strategies and tactics on the website or blog, social media and more.
We provide you with the best of building online presence from the scratch, hence giving your organization the best of look in branding and logo, content management and professionalism. At Cuckhoo Company we provide you with best maintenance services that guarantee a regular check on your website, blog and social media platforms, necessary and periodic updates on your platform and backups. Make us your choice and go to rest, settled and assured. A logo identifies the business or product in an easy and simple form. A brand could mean the ‘perceived emotional corporate image’. A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via an icon or a mark, while the identity is the visual aspect that forms the overall brand.
At Cuckhoo Company, we provide you with the best on platform web development services that fit and identify your company in the most unique way. We are a Web development company that is determining to help small businesses to grow. We help in making sure you succeed and exceed you current expectations. We have all kinds of branding and logo that will suit your business needs and also how you want your audience to view your company. We dedicated experts who are well knowledgeable and experience in given your company the required corporate image it deserves. Our goal is to develop a mutually beneficial, reciprocal long-term relationship that is based on excellence and prestige.

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Here at Cuckhoo, we are A Little Different! In fact, we’ll go so far as to say we’re A Little Cuckhoo. We created a Web Design Company to help other small businesses grow, succeed and exceed your current expectations. We WANT you to expand and improve your quality of life by becoming a profitable business. Our goal is to develop a mutually beneficial, reciprocal long-term relationship. But why are we different?

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