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The need for an online presence for any organization in any part of the world has become very key and strategic to achieve its growth, advancement and publicity. Every business without an online presence in this dispensation or age is no far from being archaic or possibly going extinct, hence a need for an online presence for any business either a small and medium enterprise (SME) or large Scale Enterprise (LSE) cannot be over emphasized or let to be left hanging.



Building an online presence requires a lot of key factors to be put into consideration, and hence every business which desires to have an online presence must be devoted into looking into the following key factors in details and work accordingly. Furthermore it is important to know that building an online presence from scratch entails and requires a whole lot of meticulous and elaborate details. One of the best ways if not the best way in going about building an online presence is by simply starting plaining fresh and having a clean sheet, this will help the business have possible total control over everything involved in their promotional strategies and tactics on the website or blog, social media and more.



This therefore creates a free channel for the creative ideas and concepts flow and also have fun while you enjoy branding your business on the World Wide Web. From subsequent researches carried out on the internet here are seven important key steps or strategies to creatively building an online presence right from scratch:


1. State clear goals: The very first and foremost key requirement is to make sure you don't ever go into an Internet marketing routine or building an online presence from scratch without a strategy or a vision, thus a well-defined goals of your organization, says the Content Marketing Institute. It is advised to discuss short and long term goals that the online strategic tactics should achieve and hence is determined by the nature of your business, which can range from as profit oriented as increased online sales or as traffic driven as building a large following on social media. Most importantly every defined goal must be measurable.

2. Identify your audience: It is of utmost importance to know who your target audience is and possible channels to get to in touch with them, fastest available communication channels and ways to synchronize it with your online presence built from scratch. What makes the most successful online marketing programs is to categorically target specific audiences and connect with those most likely to appreciate the interaction. There is a great need to find their fans and spread strategic awareness starting with these key specific people. The Social Media Today says it is paramount to research the demographic of your fan base and start developing visible strategies with the people in mind.

3. Include the professionals: To get anything done professionally, you need to get the professionals involved, especially when it involves building the online presence of any organization. Experts   or professionals have the required skills and proper knowledge necessary to build an online presence that targets online audiences, hence gather the right research and measure progress.

4. Tick the calendar: To begin building a new website requires a properly drafted calendar for planning new blog posts, activities, events, performances, promotional efforts and reminders to keep up with the website because the more organized you are the better. This has a way of keeping any organization ahead of its competitors.

5. Begin with content: Content marketing is one of the major ways of using your website, social media and blog content as a way to attract audiences. It's a very key and strategic concept, but not to be taken lightly or ignored. Optimization of content on your website is very important in this present day and age and it is worth investing a reasonable amount of time into when building an online presence especially from the scratch.

6. Inculcate social media: The fastest way to reach targeted audience identified above is through the use of Social Media. The social media is connected to virtually everything online. It allows fans to move from website to blog to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and more in a seamless fashion. Interested people are very eager to find out more about organizations, and social media is the fastest key.

7. Measure progress: Be sure to always measure marketing progress per time. You can start with something simple, like how many Twitter followers the group gained in the last month.


At Cuckhoo Company, we provide you with the best of building online presence from the scratch, hence giving your organization the best of look in branding and logo, content management and professionalism. If you need a very competent web development company, Cuckhoo is your right choice.

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